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The vbc 3000 process and the "sustainable development"

The valorization of sludges according to the vbc 3000 process is carried out under an ecological and industrial way. It responds to other environmental and economic problems :

  • The sludge is recycled and its calorific content reduces energy consumption during the heating process of the materials.
    The process is at once a way to better valorize the material and also a way to make the most of the calorific value in decontamination wastes
  • The clays used in the mix with the sludge are essentially the by-products of economic activities: the washing of excavated aggregates, river and coastal sediments from dredging operations, and clays produced by public works,
  • The valorization of these clayey by-products incidentally reduces the extraction of natural resources.
  • The ceramic materials of vbc 3000 contribute to the development of buildings of High Environnemental Quality by the supply of lightened granules at a reasonable cost.
  • The vbc 3000 industrial units will be an alternative way for wastes from local government and industry water treatment plants.
  • They provide the potential to create much more employment and encourage the development of new activities from the materials made with this process.

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