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The vbc 3000 materials

The vbc3000 process can also produce solid bricks and lightened, low density, granules for use in building activities and public works. They are inert and saleable. They have the usual qualities required in the building and public works sector. vbc 3000 granules conform to the standards of manufacture according to NF EN 13055-1 and NF EN 13055-2 “Light aggregates”.

These materials can be used for buildings of High Environmental Quality (H.E.Q.), and in fact, being lighter and due to their porosity, provide excellent thermal insulation and soundproofing properties.
The valorization of treatment plant sludges into lightened granules and aggregates represents the more attractive potential

  • The amount of incorporating sludges is maximized in order to obtain the maximum lightening of the granules
  • Aggregates manufactured by vbc 3000 could be called to substitute for hard-to-access natural aggregate resources
  • The aggregates market is capable of absorbing the quantity of aggregate which would be produced by vbc3000 transforming treatment plant sludges.

The low density of vbc 3000 granules favours their use in buildings where weight is a predominant factor. They also have interesting thermal insulation and soundproofing qualities, whilst retaining
the necessary mechanical characteristics. The granules are incombustible and do not rot or decompose ; so that their resistance to fire and their longevity in the works are improved.

The lightened granules are commonly used in Europe :

  • For the making of hardcore bases and sub-bases, sloping concrete, structural elements or fill material or for acoustic screens
  • Prefabrication of lightened concrete blocks, parts for chimneys, or building elements for technical applications
  • As insulating or draining fill/, sub base under roads and hydrolic works, retaining walls or reinforced foundation under buildings.
  • In the construction of garden terracing, in water management or water filtering and water conservation systems
The possible modulation of the technical specifications of the granules allows for adaptation of the product to local building customs and practice.
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